VerraDyne's Honeywell Bull to Open Systems migration solution allows organizations to retain the heavy investment made in their highly customized systems applications and knowledgeable programming/user staff, while bringing them to the forefront of Open Systems technology. VerraDyne's fully automated solution converts existing Honeywell Bull ecosystem to the customers chosen environment.  

  • Cobol programs are converted to the customer's chosen programming language(Cobol, VB, C#)
  • Screens(GCOS) are converted to ASPX Webforms, Winforms or standard Cobol screen sections. Honeywell's screen handler uses control characters to manipulate the screen, all these controls are handled during conversion process.
  • All the database(IDS) and VSAM files are converted to the customer's chosen relational database(SqlServer,MySql,Oracle,...) and master child relationship is preserved
  • JCL is converted to Windows's Shell command or Unix Scripts