HP3000 / MPE to Open Systems

VerraDyne's HP3000 to Open Systems migration solution allows organizations to retain the heavy investment made in their highly customized systems applications and knowledgeable programming/user staff, while bringing them to the forefront of Open Systems technology. VerraDyne's fully automated solution converts existing applications to the customer's chosen language Cobol.net (MicroFocus or Fujitsu), VB or C#.

  • VerraDyne's HP3000 conversion tool converts the programs written in Cobol, or Basic to Microfocus Cobol, Fujitsu Cobol, VB or C#
  • The VPLUS screens are converted directly to COBOL screen sections, ASPX Winform or WinForms with NO proprietary screen handlers
  • KSAM files are converted to customer's chosen database tables. VerraDyne provides automated tools to convert and load the data to chosen database
  • IMAGE sets are converted to the customer's chosen relational database. Automatic master indexes, and master child relations are preserved
  • MPE JCL are converted to Windows or Unix command scripts
  • HP INTRINSICS are replaced by functions or class in new environment

Omnidex and Supertool (third party indexes ) indexes are handled