We provide a true conversion to native Windows. A true conversion fully converts all aspects of the Legacy System, including all program logic, screens, and data files to a Windows .Net environment. With providing native conversion we do not construct any property elements or components to converted code.

We have developed the techniques and procedures that enable us to provide native conversions for all our conversion projects. Our automated conversion tools enable us to perform these tasks with repeatable success and low cost.


Automated Conversion

By using automated conversion tools we can convert the legacy platform components, to components selected by client in new environment, after conversion all the converted application operates in true native mode.

When converting applications from Legacy Systems to new environment a number of options present themselves. It is very easy to fall into the trap of performing the conversion by including proprietary technology, particularly in regard to emulators, screen drivers and file handlers.

Using emulation to migrate your legacy application Emulators can never produce full effective solution in new environment. Emulation is running a software layer that sits on top of the current application so it can emulate the legacy system. Following is list of some of the drawbacks for emulation:

  • The addition of the emulation software layer burdens the new System with unnecessary overhead and the performance of the system invariably suffers.
  • The application is locked in to the limitations of old legacy system.
  • With emulation software in new environment use of many of the features in new system is inhibited and complicated.
  • The converted system is forever dependant upon support from the vendor of the emulation software layer. For example the installation of new operating system releases on the host Open System can often be difficult and expensive at times because a new version of the emulation software is required that will work with this new release.

In Verradyne we believe in conversion to full native components of new environment:

  • Screens are converted to ASPX .Net or Winforms
  • Indexed data files are converted to relational data base of choice
  • Legacy programs are converted to Cobol, VB or C# in . net environment
  • Job command scripts are converted to Windows scripting language