WANG VS COBOL Conversion to Open Systems

VerraDyne's Wang to Open Systems migration solution allows organizations to retain the heavy investment made in their highly customized systems applications and knowledgeable programming/user staff, while bringing them to the forefront of Open Systems technology. VerraDyne's fully automated solution converts existing VS COBOL applications to the customer's chosen language, VB or C#.

  • VerraDyne's Wang VS conversion tool converts the programs written in VS COBOL to Microfocus Cobol, Fujitsu Cobol, VB or C#
  • The VS screens are converted directly to COBOL screen sections, ASPX Winform or WinForms with NO proprietary screen handlers
  • Wang VS ISAM files are converted to customer's chosen database tables. VerraDyne provides automated tools to convert and load the data to chosen database
  • Wang¬†procedures are converted to Windows or Unix command scripts
  • Wang USERSUBS are converted to called functions or class in new environment