Print File & Document Manager

The VerraDyne Print and document Manager is a print and email manager developed by VerraDyne LLC. It is designed to provide users with an easy to use print/email manager for use in the windows environment. Product allows the user to interact with other applications in the foreground, while a print/email job is running in background.

The VerraDyne Print Manager system is specially designed to utilize the Windows print queue and printer functions.
Some of the functions of print manager:

  • Emails files to specific user, or group of users
  • Prints files to specific printer or printer group
  • Schedule emailing and printing of the files
  • ReQueues files after printing or emailing
  • Archives files to specific archive directories, based on file type
  • View the documents in PDF format
  • Search and view the archived files
  • Full Audit Tracking of files viewed, and deleted by users
  • Print File Manager handles indexing of the files on your server
    • selected directories can be indexed for quick search of the contents
    • System automatically updates the indexes when a document is modified