VerraDyne by using automated tools can convert the AS400 / ISeries Cobol business logic to MicroFocus or Fujitsu Cobol, VB or C#,  enabling the application to run in native format under windows operating system.

  • AS400 / ISeries Cobol programs are converted to the customer's chosen language(Cobol, VB or C#)
  • AS400 / ISeries DDS Screens are converted to Webforms, Windows Winforms or Cobol Screen handling based on clients requirements.
  • All CL jobs can be converted to windows command language, COBOL, C# or VB.
  • AS400 / ISeries DMS files are converted to client selected relational database.
  • VerraDyne DFU and OPNQRYF apps can replace the AS400 DFU and OPNQRYF.